Alignment Zone Scopes


I have a script that calculates and sets Alignment Zones based on selected Glyphs.
For the denominators it automatically adds a filter.
My question:

  • Before we have cff2 and I have a zone with a scope, will this zone be used for autohinting (In this case my dnom top zone)?

  • If the zones with a filter get used, I have an overlap of the baseline and dnom bottom zone. Will this create problems?

  • Should I disable the dnom bottom calculation and the dnom top filter?

No to all three points.

IIf the top zone with the filter will not be used, wouldn’t that mean I should disable the filter? So that the zone gets used?

You only can have a very limited number of zones (I don’t remember 100% but something like 7 top and 5 bottom zones). So you run out of zones very quickly. And they are not allowed to touch.

12 to be precise.

Yes, that’s why I was asking about the filters …

So the best way would be: don’t have a bottom zone for dnom and don’t set a filter for the dnom top zone. Thanks for the clarification.

You can add the metrics with a filter to help with the design. And when we add cff2 support they are put to good use.