All caps font - MyFonts validator problem

Hi all, trying to validate an all caps font (made with multiple unicode) using MyFonts validator, and it complain that the font doesn’t fullfill the minimun characters, as do not recognise the multiple unicodes I believe. Is there anyway to sort this without adding the lowercases in the glyph file? I think it’s a warning and MyFonts will know lowercases are there but the client will not be happy seeing that warn :slight_smile:

Are you sure it complains because of the lowercase. There might be other glyphs missing.

Minimun glyphset are there, all with double unicode - it keeps showing this:

We recommend that fonts on MyFonts meet a minimum character set to ensure quality. Our validator tests the unicode for each character. The following characters are missing or are encoded abnormally. Please disregard this check if your fonts are icon fonts.

The following glyphs are missing: a, b, c, d, e, f, g, h, i, j, k, l, m, n, o, p, q, r, s, t, u, v, w, x, y, z, á, â, à, ä, å, ã, æ, ç, é, ê, è, ë, í, î, ì, ï, ñ, ó, ô, ò, ö, õ, ø, œ, š, ú, û, ù, ü, ý, ž, Ÿ

All glyphs are in the font, the Ydierisis is there too! It’s weird. Should be something with encoded?

Can you send me the .otf?

sent - thanks

I had a look at the file. There are some other glyphs missing. Check the “Windows 1252” entry in the sidebar.

So I cant use the double unicode to sort the MyFonts validator?

No. Some Unicode values are missing.

Edit: In Font View (Cmd-Opt-1), in the sidebar under ‘Filters’, try right-clicking MacRoman and Win1252, and then generate the missing glyphs.

Those are all lowercase glyphs… why they appear in that if I have double unicode on uppercases?

This are mostly lowercase glyphs. You need to go through the list and select all that are not.

I ran into a similar issue when uploading an all caps font, and here is what it turned out being for me when I tested it more:

When comparing my character set to the MyFonts minimum, it appears it is the “idotless” (0131), or dotless lowercase i, that is missing. I think it’s because this is an all caps font, and the lowercase are components generated from the uppercase—and the uppercase doesn’t have a dotless I character, so it was missing.

Read this please:
Creating an All-Caps Font


That is a cleaner way of doing it, thanks. I had used the script “Make Unicase Font” after I created all the uppercase glyphs and their diacritics. So the lowercase became component copies with their own correct unicodes. Just had to make sure all metric and kerning groups were assigned to the lowercase as well. Then I added the dotless i glyph (since it was missing after generating from the uppercase glyphs).

I have a similar problem with Glyphs Mini, the same missing glyphs. I read the blog entry Creating an All-Caps Font in Glyphs Mini | Glyphs , but this didn’t work for me. TextPreview shows the lowercase just fine, but Monotype gives a warning. In glyphs mini I can’t, by my knowledge, view win1252 filters or see the double unicode on the glyphs.
Is there any way to fix this in Glyphs Mini? Or should I disregard the Monotype warning?

@Michiel - don’t worry about that Myfonts warning: it is just a nerdy thing. If the color is orange, then you’re all fine. If the warning is red, then you have a problem.
I make display fonts and I refuse to add mathematical glyphs that no one will ever hope to see in a display font. I get the orange warnings for all of my fonts and I never had a problem - ever.
The ‘check your font name’ warning is there for a reason: they put it there because of the invasion of 1, 2 or 3 font foundries who really don’t have a clue and who didn’t check whether the name was already taken.

@Hanoded Thanks! That is good to know!