All fonts disappeared after testing kerning in Glyphs-3

Hi all,

After drawing a few uppercase letters and typing them out, I pressed cmnd+z a couple times and it completely deleted all characters and even the main font menu.

Unfortunately I panicked, saved the file, and restarted the program (I know… wrong move). After I reopened, the entire font was still gone.

Has that ever happened to anyone? I find it strange that the whole font tab completely vanished, not only the letters I drew but also the default gray ones.

Yes, this happens occasionally and is, sadly, not reversible. Always make backups and work in a versioning system such as git.

I agree, though, that there should be a warning if a Cmd+Z action has the deletion (or renaming) of a glyph as a consequence.

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Not saving would have been better. Try TimeMachine, maybe you’re lucky.

Which exact version of the app are you running?

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3.1.2 (3151).

I ended up redoing the whole thing but it didn’t take me that long the second time around.
Now I’m just saving different versions every time I work on it so I have a backup in case it crashes again.

Thanks everyone!

Seriously look into Git.

There is no proper Git tutorial yet, but Florian wrote a very comprehensive forum post: