All glyphs Arabic

Sir George
This file I present you

I’ll talk after that you see the file, this file full reference for ARABIC GLYPHS … I spent a week at work … it just stayed the GLYPHS rating in a discretionary,standard,Marks,symbol,separator and punctuation

Wow, thank you very much!

I will explain the subject even understand my idea

Arabic Unicode does not represent the full Arabic Fonts … Because of the invented Unicode knows little about the Arabic language and it is not an Arab

There are two dots in the Arabic language :Dot below & Dot above When you stand on any of them:the pronunciation of glyph is different.
See how it was described in the unicode (point round in the bottom) … round!

Like describing back of girl
It only remains to say, svelte body … not wearing underwear under her dress!

Thank you for your input. We will take a precise look at the XML, and of course, it will take some time, and we will get back to you if we have questions.

I suppose you already use this as your glyph data XML?
Have you considered putting it on github? It would be more accessible for people who want to use it right away.

I’m working on Mark , discretionary and standard

Will re-naming all the glyphs to (nice name) to be easy,simple and understandable

then I will put them at the Github site