All glyphs deleted after RMX scaler! WHAT?!

I did command+z after using RMX scaler, and all my glyphs were deleted… I lost everything of that version… Basically one day of work.

Is this reversible?

The file got absolutely corrupted, I cannot even add glyphs

File > Revert.

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I remember that in the past you could revert to previously saved versions and not only the last saved version. Did Glyphs abandon this feature?

That is not a Glyphs feature, but provided by the system. It is called Versions, and depends on your preference User Settings > Enable Versions.

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Same problem here. Reverting doesn’t work. Does someone have another solution?

Browse versions maybe? It depends on what your setup is, how often you save and backup, etc.

What do you try to revert. Can you make a screenshot of the menu?

Ha Georg,

Thanks for your reply. We have accepted that we will not find our lost glyphs back.
But I need some help with the usage of the RMX scaler tool. Can you assist, or should we contact RMX?

This is what happened:
We used the RMX scaler to produce small caps. We couldn’t figure out how to make the tool work well. Changes made in width or height didn’t respond at all. Our file has three masters, and after reading that may be a problem, we made a new file with two similar masters. Also to see if the tool was only working when both masters use the exact same points. The tool was finally responding, but just scaled like the transformations plugin (without keeping stem width). We decided to make the small caps with the transformations plugin and finetune by hand. When we were finished, we wanted to adjust the spacing with RMX scaler (and forgot to save our manual work, oops). We selected the small caps and applied the spacing. It looked fine for three seconds and then all the glyphs disappeared. Do you know why this tool erases glyphs?

If I have to address this question somewhere else, please let me know.

That may be a bug. Scaler should not erase glyphs, it can only overwrite them if you tell it to. If you can reproduce the issue, I am sure @TimAhrens would be interested in your file and a description of your steps.

Thank you, Mekkablue.
I will try to reproduce the issue.
I’ll let Tim and you know when I was able to do so.