All images shown in all glyphs

I’ve got a bug that shows all imported images in the font in every glyph. Is this happening to others?

What plugins do you have?

Lots, but even when I have everything disabled, they are still shown.

Assuming it’s a problem on my side, what do I need to trash in order to clean-install the app?

Try renaming the script and plugin folder. Then restart the app.

Still the same result.

Possibly related to this:

Thanks, but what about the way to solve this?

Fixed. Update is up.


Now I notice that the behaviour is different. With Show Images inactive, I can still see one if there is no outline (the same as before). But as soon as I place a node, it disappears (different), which makes it unsuitable for tracing. With Show Images on, the images will always be shown even when there is a path in the layer, which is not helpful either.

Never mind, this is the same.

Edit: Was Show Images option showing images in the hand tool too? I’m having to turn on and off the option frequently since the update. Something has changed.

If I remember correctly, in v2.2 only the image of the active (path tool) was shown. Now, in version 2.3b (839) the background image of every glyph is shown – even in hand or text tool: