All my glyphs disappeared

This is frustrating. I was pasting monoline characters from Illustrator. I was adding new ranges of glyphs and suddenly everything disappeared. It doesn’t matter if I select All or anything under it. There were tabs open with different glyphs. I could see those if I clicked the tabs, and I could step forward and backward through the glyphs. So, they are there, but I can’t see them anymore. I closed the file and reopened. I still don’t see them. Quit Glyphs and restarted. They are still missing. Now all the tabs are closed, so nothing comes up. I’m using Version 2.5.1 (1141). I’m not that far into the process, but I don’t want to spend time putting something together if everything is going to evaporate.

I figured it out. I didn’t see the query box down at the bottom of the screen. I must have pasted something in there without knowing it. Once I cleared the entry, everything came back. Awesome. I’m back in business.

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I work in SublimeText a lot and it has the handy function that any active “find”/“search” string is cleared when I hit the escape key. That would be good to have in the Font Window in Glyphs too.

I’ll think about that.

I didn’t know that search was causing the problem, so I’m not sure what would have helped. Clearing the search string on exit of Glyphs would have given me a more predictable result. But, I’m not sure who else it would help, or what it might hurt. I wouldn’t want it to reset everything. I really like the way Glyphs keeps all the tabs open that I’m working in–just the way I left them. I wouldn’t want to change that.