Alt characters not showing up as alts for designated letters

Once the font has been instaled in illustrator/photoshops glyphs panel I can see all my fonts characters, however, If I highlight the “a” and click the “alternate for selection” my alternate a’s do not appear. this is the case for “a-z”

I have names my alternates in different ways such as (.001, .ss01, .cv01)

The font is a hand-lettered font so I do have some code in CALT to cycle through two different classes variants of the font.

any insight would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

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Click on File > Font Info > Features > Update. The font needs to have up-to-date aalt and stylistic set features.

Are you using the Adobe Fonts folder?

The popup in adobe apps need the aalt feature. Normally that is done by referencing all other features. But you can write that yourself. Something like

sub a from [a.001 a.ss01 a.something];

Do that for each base glyph.