Alt+tab is buggy

Glyphs doesn’t do do alt+tab very well. If I have been working with multiple files open for a more than a few minutes and use alt+tab to switch to and from other programs Glyphs will often switch to a file other than the one I was working on. And Glyphs frequently freezes when I return from another program if I save and then alt+tab without doing anything else.

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You mean command+tab? Yeah, Glyphs brings a wrong file to the front, though the active file is correct.

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Ahh and I thought that I was the only one experiencing this. [smile]

Sorry, I did mean cmd+tab. Funny how I still think alt+tab even though I haven’t used Windows as a primary OS since the 1990s.

Slightly-related question, is there a way to disable the cmd-delete shortcut when editing a glyph? I often hit it accidentally when zooming in.

I am not sure what Cmd+Delete does out of the box, but if it is Remove Glyph you can just assign a different shortcut for this menu item.

Another work-around is to assign Cmd+Delete to a script that does nothing.

I’ve noticed this as well.

Also, related to this, I have had windows disappear when switching back an forth between apps. The file was still open, but the window had to be brought forward by selecting it through windows menu. I’ve already started a thread about this issue though…