Alternate Layer not working in languages with Localized Forms

I managed to make the font work in InDesign but whenever I change the language to one that is in the ‘locl’ feature, the alternate layer doesn’t show. Like if there was a problem with the order of the features, I guess?

The locl feature is usually applied early, so I suspect the feature variation is not working for the localized glyphs.
Can you send me the file that I can have a look?

Done, thanks!

That is exactly why you can’t use the rvrn feature for feature variations. Use rlig and complain to the makers of apps that don’t handle it correctly.

The rvrn feature is always applied first, so all substitutions for alternate glyphs don’t work any more.

I changed rvrn for rlig and tried also deleting the Feature for Feature Variations but still the same issue…

It worked for me. Where and how did you test this?

I just did a test with a very simple reduced file and did a screencast, I just sent them to you. I compare a VF exported from Glyphs (not working well) and one using gftools (working well). I tested in Adobe InDesign 2020, 2021 and 2022 using Glyphs version 3.0.5 (3119).

In FontGoggles works fine and I understand that Adobe should fix their software, but I know many users of the font will complain if this doesn’t work in InDesign.

I’m working on a variable font with two axis (wght + wdth) and some alternate layers within Glyphs 3.0.4.

I set up the custom parameters Feature for feature Variations with ‘rlig’.

The issue is while using the variable font in InDesign or Illustator 2022, the alternate layers are not activated anymore because of the Locl features.

If I set the language with English it works fine. But for language with Locl features as French it seems deactivated.

Any update about this topic?


Is it working in Font Goggles or in a browser? If yes, it is an AI bug.

And can you try the latest cutting edge version?

I updated Glyphs through the latest cutting edge version 3.0.5.

Good news, the ‘locl’ features do not interfere with bracket layers anymore within InDesign 2022. But within Illustrator it’s another story… no bracket layers at all.

Within FontGoggles, Font Gauntlet and several browser (Safari, Chrome, Firefox) it works perfectly.

I presume the bug is coming from Illustrator and not the font. I already check this topic on the forum but I don’t want to change the Feature for Feature Variations custom parameter to ‘rvrn’.

Do you think there is another option to test or I just have to wait that Adobe fix this issue?


I spoke to fast. Locl features are still deactivating the bracket layers within InDesign. I can handle this by switching the ‘locl’ to stylistic set. But in Illustrator it’s still not working at all.

I am afraid you cannot fix Illustrator or InDesign from within a font. Adobe needs to do that.