Alternate layers in Smart glyphs?

Is it possible to use alternate (bracket) layers in Smart glyphs? In this case I’m using corner components with intermediate layers to interpolate width as the corners are used in the Smart glyph to make serifs of different widths.

The goal here is to only have this one Smart glyph used in all other glyphs containing stems, but I also need alternates with the serif only on the right side, and that alternate is using a Cap component.

So is there any way to have alternate layers in Smart glyphs?

I don’t thing that will work. Better use several smart glyphs.

We though a bit about this.
Breakpoint like this would compromise the compatibly of those glyphs that use this smart component. Only for static instances, that would be OK.

I ended up doing separate smart glyphs. I can live with that.
If the goal ultimately is to make the construction of the glyphs perhaps not fully, but very parametric and/or modular then I think the way I use smart glyphs and interpolation in corners and caps probably should be integrated into one function that also takes into transformations, account anchors, advance width, and sidebearings.

I’m going as far as I can in Playfair, and it does actually work.