Alternate shapes conondrum

Hopefully the image is self explanatory.
I am building a font with an alternate S but then I also want to have alternate diacritics for the standard S and also for the alternate S. Maybe there’s a better way than using the .ss feature.

You need three stylistic sets. One for the “S” and one for each accent. And you need a glyph for each combination.

Then do something like this:

ss01 {
sub S by S.ss01;
ss02 {
sub Scaron by Scaron.ss02;
sub S.ss01 by Scaron.ss01.ss02;
ss03 {
sub Scaron by Scaron.ss03;
sub S.ss01 by Scaron.ss01.ss03;

But you should make up your mind about the design :wink:

Thanks Georg