Alternate Style linking for MS Word

Hi all,

Recently I’ve been adjusting one of my typefaces for a client. For implementation in Microsoft Word they are asking to adjust the typeface so that when hitting the “Bold” button, the software changes the weight to Medium rather than Bold.

In theory I thought this should be fairly easy. I changed the style linking so that Medium is the Bold of Regular. But when I tried using the fonts in Word, triggering the Bold button gave me a faux Bold. After thoroughly reading the manual section about this tried using styleMapFamilyName=Bold in the Medium instance, hoping this would enable me to manually change the ID2 value. No success here.

The only workaround that worked was renaming Medium to Bold and then exporting it. This of course works if they only use these two weights, but will become unsustainable in case they decide to use the actual Bold.

Any tips are greatly appreciated. Did I miss something? Thank You :^)

In which Word did you test? On Windows or on the Mac?

Generally I would not recommend this anyway. Better to rename the Medium to Bold. Otherwise it is too confusing for the average user. Do this only if you have a support contract :slight_smile:

Thank you! It’s Word 16.16.27 on Mac. Not sure what the client will be using. If no workaround is found, I’ll stick to renaming the fonts. It works if they only use these two weights in Word, there is no problem. However it could be that some employees will also use more weights in other software (potentially Adobe apps), in which case having two Bolds would be problematic. Will also try and use different CPs when exporting. Was wondering if exporting it with a different postscriptFontName could work. Will keep you posted. Thanks!

Hi all,
after countless attempts it seems like I’m getting closer. Using the following settings, the font can be exported as “Medium”, while MS Word interprets it as “Bold”, thus triggering the correct weight when using the Bold button:

WWSSubfamilyName = Bold;
preferredSubfamilyName = Medium;
WWSFamilyName = “Typeface Name Bold";
preferredFamilyName = “Typeface Name";

HOWEVER: This seems to break the style linking in Pages :smiley: I’ll see what other variations of values might work. Do you know what values the Pages text engine uses to determine style relations? Will also test this in other versions of Word, potentially on Windows as well.

Consider doing

  1. an Office version with just RIBBI fonts and as TTFs (custom parameter Save as TrueType ON);
  2. and a separate Pro version with all weights and as OTFs (custom parameter Save as TrueType OFF).