Alternating glyph shapes in a variable font?

Hi Glyphs team,
I was wondering is there a way to substitute a glyph with its alternative for some instances in a variable font?
Basically I’d like to achieve the same result as described here but in a variable font:

I want to sub a double-storey a with a single-storey one for italic axis, but they require different kerning groups, so can’t use the brace trick. Is there any workaround? I think I saw it in some font.

Thank you!

This is currently not possible with different glyphs. You might get it to work with a bracket layers (

But Bracket Layers work only for one Axis design?
How about non-linear interpolation for one glyph in a Variable font?

That would be a brace layer. That is possible with a virtual master. See the Variable Font tutorial.

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Had read the tutorial back and forth before diving into bracket layer method and posting my Q.
Are there limitations on how many brace layers can be in the font?

No but it can get messy in two dimensions.