Alternating glyph shapes on a variable font

Hi all,
I’m having another problem dealing with brace / bracket techniques in a variable font.
I have 6 masters interpolating on 2 axes: the first is weight and the second is a custom axis that controls the letter shape.
Now, I’d like the variable font to change shape after weight 400 in order, for example, to close the gap on the top of the Ws

I tried with bracket referring only to the first axis:

Then I tried to include the second axis [400, 0] but without success (the font only interpolated the bracket layers, ignoring the regular ones).

Then I tried to set up brace values:

I’m sure I set up something wrong here, and I tried reading all the other topics but I have to admit that I’m quite lost. I managed to use both techniques succesfully before, but never on a variable font.

Any ideas on how to set this up properly?

Solved the problem setting up the layers according to this scheme.

Hope this helps anyone who should have the same problem.
Sorry for the confusion! :slight_smile:

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