Alternatives not showing properly

I’m working on an arabic font wanting to add some glyphs alternatives
names the glyphs right - as an example “alefMaksura-ar.alt”, features are automatically written & font is tested through the font folder but still alternatives wouldn’t show as an option on Adobe illustrator cc
I’m using Glyphs Version 2.5b (1071)
I tried to do some research across the forum 1st but that didn’t help

I believe this glyph name cannot trigger an automatic feature. You mean .ss01?

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Thank you so much it works perfect now,
i donno what made me think that it’s .alt :S

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So now i have a problem and i wanna know if it’s another Adobe bug
The alternatives show as an option but when i pick them it breaks the baseline

here when i pick the alternative heh medi, the alternative shape for heh medi is shown as a choice but if i pick it , shows broken not connected to the base line

That is an Adobe problem. If you manually pick a glyph from the glyph panel or the alternate popup, most OpenType features are deactivated

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Thank you Georg will make sure to report this issue as well to Adobe support team MAYBE they would take care of it in the future