Alts suddenly stopped displaying or printing

I’m doing a three-master face with three stylistic sets, all of which were working fine. When I added a Germandbls to the glyph set, the alts stopped displaying or even printing in Adobe apps. Even when I select an alternate form from the glyphs palette in Indesign or Illustrator, the default form displays and prints. I have not changed the feature code (except to add the Germandbls to the Uppercase class), and all 3 stylistic sets preview just fine in Glyphs, as does salt. Doesn’t help to clear font caches, or delete Germandbls and export again, or restart Glyphs, or restart the computer, or use another computer. What’s going on?

The Germandbls isn’t part of any of the stylistic sets, btw.

Many thanks in advance.

You know this:

Try exporting with a new Family name.

Thanks, Georg.

Fonts are exporting to correct folder, and updating each time I export. Changing family name didn’t help. Emptying temp folder didn’t help. I can’t find anything else in that tutorial that seems relevant. Do you have any other suggestions?

Can you send me the .glyphs file please to support (at) (this website without www). I will have a look.

Any reason you have set the “LanguageSystems” (in Font Info > Features) entry to not be automatic?

I must have done that by accident.

Deleting the aalt feature and reexporting seems to fix the problem. The salt feature seems to do the job by itself. Why do we need both, anyhow?

aalt lists all substitutions, InDesign’s glyph palette uses this to group Alternates with the default glyph.

Illustrator uses salt and has no ssXX, for InD it is exactly the other way around.

I just recreated aalt, but put it at the end of the features list, instead of at the beginning, and the fonts now seem to work. Go figure. Anyway, thanks very much for your help and clarifications.

The problem was with an invalid “LanguageSystems” entry. The aalt feature was fine.

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