Ampersand cap and smallcap

Hello Glyphs people,
When designing the &, I want the & also as a part of my smallcaps series. What kind of sc & glyph do I have to make? Becauce I want (in Indesign for example), when I change a line of lowercase with the (capheight) & in ‘smallcaps’, the sc & is automatically placed?
Thank you. Titus

I suggest ampersand.c2sc so it changes with the uppercase.

Thank you.

Hello Mekkablue,
I still doesn’t work. Is it because I can’t give it a unicode number (0026)? Glyphs don’t alow me because it’s in use for the (normal) Cap &.

Only the default glyph should have a Unicode value. (Small caps do not imply a semantic change, so they are accessed through an opentype feature, not through typing.)

Rename the SC ampersand to ampersand.c2sc, go to Font Info > Features and press the Update button and the Compile button, export the font and test it, e.g. in the Adobe Fonts folder:

How do you know it is not working? How are you testing?

Oke! Ik works! I guess it was the Update and Compile button.
Thank you.