& Ampersand in Stylistic Set Name doesn't show up in Adobe Apps

What’s going on here? I can put in any other non-ASCII character too?
I even tried adding this in the stylistic feature:

featureNames {
   name "Alternate &"; # Windows (default)
   name 3 1 0x0409 "Alternate &"; # 3=Windows, 1=Unicode, 0409=English(US)
   name 1 "Alternate &"; # 1=Mac
   name 1 0 59 "Alternate \26"; # 1=Mac, 0=MacRoman, 59=English

It’s (another) Adobe bug. When building a menu entry in the UI, an & is used to define the hotkey for that menu entry, e.g. Glyph &Panel will make that menu entry react to pressing the P key. The & itself is not displayed in the result. The CC apps don’t take that into account, so the & always disappears. They would have to escape it in the input for building the menu entry.

We reported that bug years ago, but nothing happened yet.


Wondering what other things one can put in the label that will be handled unescaped. May if someone found something that can be labeled as a security bug it will be finally fixed.

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I see, so there’s no way to escape the ampersand character?

Jens, how did you find out about that? :exploding_head:

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You could put a && in the feature name, but that would be displayed as a double ampersand everywhere else but in the Adobe CC menu.

Two things coming together:

  • TheSans really has many ampersands
    Bildschirmfoto 2023-11-01 um 12.51.34
  • I remembered from my attempts at writing Windows software about 25 years ago that ampersands were used to mark the hotkeys in menu entries :slight_smile:

(TheSans is not produced with Glyphs, but the issue is not Glyphs-specific)


I knew about most of those in TheSans, but I’d never seen the heart ampersand :heart_eyes: