Anchor align request

Hi, this is a request for functionalities of anchors.

At some point can you implement the alignment of anchors in the center of side-bearings? like the option for the guidelines. It would be very useful. In some cases when the forms of a compound accent are modified the anchor location remains in the same position and again have to do an exhaustive review of the whole set, it’s complex when you have several axes or some masters.

It could be great if the anchor have a sticky behavior with guidelines or some specific position in x, y or a specific node.

Many thanks!

Select an anchor and any number of path points, then align (cmd-shift-A), and the anchor will be moved to the average x coordinate of all selected path points.

If you want to center between sidebearings, you could use the Anchors > Anchor Mover 2 script from my repo:

Very useful script @mekkablue. It perfect for what I need to do, but I was thinking on automatic behaviour (direct from the anchors settings or a contextual menu), imagine something like the fontlab’s pin but not restricted only to guidelines:

Thanks again for the response