Anchor being displaced/removed while moving glyphs from one font to another

Hi there,

I’m trying to move some glyphs from one font to another using ⌘C — ⌘V. (or is there another/better way?)
Some of the glyphs make use of component positioned with anchors incl. #exit and #entry.
Many anchor points are misplaced or deleted in the process. (see gif below).

Am I doing something wrong or shall I use a script to export/import the anchors?

Thanks for your help.


are you sure you are copying all glyphs involved? Maybe the base glyphs are not copied?

Can you send me the to files and mark all glyphs that are copied?

Oh! Yes some base glyphs were missing. Sorry!

Thank you and sorry for the not-so-epileptic-frendly-gif :grimacing: