Anchor issue — automagic override?

I have a stem component with two anchors bar_left and bar_right
Screenshot 2024-02-04 at 16.07.53

In my strokeshortcomb I have matching anchors

However in the composite glyph the strokeshortcomb is centered on the stem. Why I don’t know. It looks like some automagic override (maybe because there is no center anchor in the stem?). In any event I would expect to be able to select either using the bar_left and bar_right anchor in the composite, but it’s not there — why not?

Underscores inside the anchor name have some meaning for ligature anchors and will confuse the anchor mapping.

There are two options:
Add a “bar.right” and “bar.left”. And one “_bar” in the strokeshortcomb. Than you can select to which of the two bar.XX anchors you like to attache with the anchor button in the component info box.

Or use barLeft/barRight and _barLeft/_barRight. But only one of the two underscore anchors in one glyph or only one of the two in the base glyph. Both pairs in both glyphs would become unpredictable.

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I found out the same earlier. I renamed the anchors as in your dromedaryCase example to not have underscores in them and re-opened the file. It then worked as expected.

You should probably made a note of which naming is allowed for anchors in the handbook. When I looked earlier I could not find that mentioned.

For this specific case, I have a suggestion:

I personally use the center anchor for the dcroat and hbar. I then simply flip the strokeshortcomb in one of the two, which results in the perfect alignment. Put the center anchor in the middle of the stem of d/h, and the _center anchor at some offset to the left/right in your stroke component.


Good trick.