Anchor point problem

I have a problem with anchor point in Thai only on ์, which I see in tone mark preview. It’s on the right place with the right anchor. But in text preview they doesn’t on the same place with the preview in Glyphs design place. Also when I export it. There are not at the same place also

  1. Where ์ suppose to be
  1. Text preview page

Can you try in FontGoggles?

Did you disable readable names on purpose?
Can you send me the .glyphs file and the text you use to test?

No It’s in Thai Language, That’s why is unreadable for you?

How to try in font google and this is a link to file

Link to glyphs file

It seems to be a bug in the Text Preview window. Until we fixed it, use the FontGoggles app for testing. You drag the .otf file on the app and edit the preview text. Then you just need to re-export from Glyphs onto the same location and FontGoggles will reload the file automatically.

Problem just solve with no reason. I don’t know how did I solve the problem. But problem is solve in the mystery way

What Georg meant is that your glyph name is "uni0E4C" instead of the “readable” name "thanthakhat-thai". The latter is the default in GlyphsApp when you generate the Thai glyphs, but you have the unicode name instead. It looks like you either did that on purpose or you are not aware of the nice name feature that GlyphsApp provides in order to make your life easier.

(Same goes for "thoThahan-thai" which would be the automatic nice name instead of "uni0E17")

You can navigate your Glyphs file and write/edit feature code way way easier when you use the nice names.

His question had nothing to do with that it is in Thai language :wink: