Anchor points from hell?

No idea how to even describe what is happening here, wanted to work on an old font design of mine, opened it in my newly purchased glyphs app and this happens… please help, what can i do to stop this?

Did you open a .ttf file and it looked like this? Can you send me that file?

@GeorgSeifert Hi, it says that new users can’t upload attachments, could I send it to you in another way?

It had these nodes (i think they are called; the ones that make lines bend) which are attached to each other, so i can’t freely move them around. Next to that I can’t add any other anchor points…and once I separate the anchors this is what I see… I feel like i need to draw my font all over again…

You can send a Dropbox or wesendit link.

You opened a TrueType font. Before you do anything, convert everything to PostScript curves with Path > Other > convert to Cubic. (Written on the phone, the wording might be slightly different).

This is the link!

The like is already expired. Try wetransfer I miss-remembered that earlier.

I am very sorry for the late reply, we have a huge time difference, but the instructions of Path > Other > convert to Cubic. have worked!! thank you so much! You have saved my project

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