Anchor points

I have a problem in the Marks ، When I use the Anchor for (points) and (Dot-less),Marks shortened the process for hundreds of the Glyphs…But when you use the property with Marks Discretionary: The Marks depends on the private Anchor: (main Glyph) is not the Anchor of the point.

Is there a solution to this problem?

  1. Does the dot have both “top” and “_top”, and no typo in the “top”? Like a space at the end for instance.

  2. Does the thal-ar.medi have a “top” anchor? [EDIT: hah-ar]

Feel free to send the font to support at this domain.

The “top” anchor of the hah-ar will shine through in the khah-ar. Same is true if you re-use lam_hah-ar.init in lam_khah-ar.init. So you need to put new anchors in lam_khah-ar.init, like this (see top_2):

Then it works:

Mr. mekka blue: Can not solve this problem in the glyphs?
Put the “Anchor” above all the points in the “composite glyphs” is very tired and fatigued

If you hit cmd+U, it should add the anchors and you only need to put them in the right place.

Normally, the anchors are copied form the base glyphs but this don’t seem to work for ligatures. I will have a look at it.

Getting the anchors is not difficult: Cmd-U. You can even do that for all letters and ligatures at once.

For manipulating anchors in many glyphs at once, you can try:

  • Anchor Mover 2,
  • Replicate Anchors (would copy all anchors from lam_hah to lam_khah, so you would only need to move top_2)
    from my GitHub scripts, or write your own script.

Georg Seifert
Yes, this is what we need: Take a look

Mr. mekkablue: the FONT that I’m working on has a 2000 typeface for the following languages
Arabic, Persian, Pashto, Sindhi, Urdu, Punjabi, Gîlikî, Azerbaycan, Hausa, Saraiki, Mazandarani, Kashmiri, Kurdi sorani, Balochi, Turkmen, Uyghur, Kazak, Kirghiz, Malay, Tatar, Morisco, Burushaski, Mandinka, Swahili, Balti, Brahui, Arwi, Uzbek, and more

Arabic Glyphs are similar form but not similar in points.
It’s not about how to insert or copy and paste the anchor.
And rather stirring up the points and take the process of developing the marks of Arabic fonts long hours.

But I’ve formation of all typefaces in as little as five minutes by placing anchor points above and dotless but happiness does not last long, this method does not work with composite characters!

As i said the process will work for ligature components, too. I have to fix a few things and release it with a update, soon.

Georg Seifert
Thank you Mr. Georg