Anchor to Anchor placement and missing anchors

What is the reason an ‘A’ doesn’t get an anchor ‘bottom’ on automatically anchor placement? A mark like the ‘dotbelow’ is not automatically placed due to this.

Also, woudn’t it be nice to give the user insight in the mkmk feature? Just show it in the features tab as an automatically generated item?

I checked what accents each letter/mark combination are used in the languages Glyphs supports in the sidebar. And Adotbelow was not there. I didn't update that for a while. I just checked it on the Latin plus page from underware and they say the Adotbelow is used by 3000 speakers. And the kern feature, too? And from what instance?

Ạ is part of the Vietnamese alphabet spoken by 75 millions.

I just checked and the anchors are already fixed in Glyphs 2.