Anchoring Weirdness


I am making a font and am creating several shared components (_part.{name}) that will be used via anchor connections – similar to diacritics and marks.

The issue is that for some reason, when I use the auto generated anchors (top, bottom, etc) there is loads of issue connecting with the custom _part components in composites.


  1. Create a simple glyph (capital I) and set the anchors. Specifically top and bottom
  2. Create a partial (_part.test) which is just a square but has two anchors (_top and _bottom) since it can be added to either the top or bottom of a glyph via the anchor icon.
  3. Create a new glyph called _formal.I and add the I component into it.
  4. Now add the _part.test component to it as well, and for some reason it does not align at all, and the anchor icon does not appear either.
  5. Go back to both the I and _part.test and add a third anchor (bottomright and _bottomright respectively) and then go back to the combined glyph.
  6. Now the anchor icon appears, but the options are only top, bottomright no bottom.

Really weird and I feel like there is something not working right. Any ideas on why and how to fix this?

I have a repro of this but I can’t upload it :frowning:

Removing the bottom and _bottom anchors and adding a right and _right anchors does show right and top in the anchor icon, but for some reason calling the anchor bottom just makes it not show up at all in the anchor icon dropdown

The top/bottom anchors have some special treatment here and there.

If you use anchors to connect building blocks of your letters, it might be better to add a prefix (like “#”), otherwise some of those anchors will be used to build the mark feature and that might not be intended and lead to unexpected accent placement.

Can you send me that font that I can have a look?