Anchors for accents in Arabic Ligatures

I’ve been having a problem with Arabic ligatures and the accents (tashkyl), I am putting anchors above and below (above1 and below1) so there are more than one placed but they are not connecting. I am generally avoiding top and bottom since I am using these for the dots for the ba ta tha etc.

I have attached an image that shows this happening in the Lam alef but it is happening in all ligatures.

Any advice is appreciated.

Have you read this:

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Use top_1 and top_2. Note the underscore.

What exactly is the problem you are trying to avoid? If you use top and bottom, the dots shift to the connecting point for the vowel mark. If you use a different anchor chain, it is more likely (if not certain) to collide.

The dots/hamzas and vowel mark position on the base letters are usually different. I personally consider it a bad bractice to use the same anchor for both.

Okay, so I used your plugin to rename all the anchors from above 1 and 2 to top_1.
Its better, but still mainly only in Ligatures when I need 4 anchors for the vocalization above each. when you put the accent on the second letter (in the case of the lam alif) it still connects to the lam accent anchor rather than connecting to the alef anchor.

I think Rainer, is very well aware of this since he has made many supporting plugins for arabic. So i think his question is more detailed than that.
Also he didnt suggest using the same anchor he suggested top_1 etc

Yes I went through it all again now, but no it is not discussing vocalization marks (fatha, kasra etc)

If above and below work for base (non ligature) glyphs, then you should use above_1 etc for ligatures. The problem us that you didn’t put underscore before the numbers, but the underscore is required.

That is exactly what rainer said, and its not working

Can you send me the .glyphs file? And a sample string for testing.

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Sure I think at this point you hate this file

Au contraire, I love it every time a little more.

The vowel marks had the wrong anchors. Simply _top and top, or _bottom and bottom for enabling mkmk and mark features. It works well if they have the right anchors.