Anchors in components in components from G2 to G3

in G2 it was possible to “nest” anchors in a component from a component

But importing the font file to G3 some anchors are not recognized.
(see dots below)

Any hints?

That is still possible. The structure of the components in the other glyphs is not clear. Can you post a screenshot of the middle glyph? Or send me the file?

It might be that if you have paths and components, it will not look into the components.m for anchors.

Did you find time to check this and give me a hint?
Thanks a lot!

Did you send me that middle glyph?

The complete font file.
I have just sent it again with the title of this thread as subject…

The anchors are recognized. And even with your names it almost works correctly. The difference is that it is possible to build glyphs from components that represent more than one base glyph. In your case, you have to base glyphs “seen” and “alefMaksura”. So the ligature needs a “top_1” and “top_2” anchor. But as your glyph names have a lot underscores, it miss-calculates and produces “top_1” and “top_3”.

To fix that, give our components better names. The main part (before the first period) needs to identify the actual glyph that it is representing. Then add all extra info after the period. So the first component could be seen-ar.midi.lig.w or uniFEB3.lig.w.

I see.

so this should work, shouldn’t it?

But it does not.

And remove the “_X” suffix from the anchor names in the components.

this one is ok now.

But another one still is not. Sorry, I can’t see the problem…

Can you send me the file again with the current state?

sent to info@

Select the dot and click the anchor symbol in the component info box and select the anchor you like the dot to attach to.

ah. So just a conversion problem from G2 to G3?

It might be that you now need to alway explicitly set.

Ok. Got it. Thanks for all.