Anchors / nodes distribution

Hey guys - just wondered whether this is something i’ve missed - as a designer using Sketch, I find the distribution panel really useful for quick anchor alignment - or quicky checking the middle anchor is centre for example. Not the whole shape - just various anchors within.

Just interested if anyone else the same or a another quick way to do something like this?


Go to WindowPlugin Manager, search for “Distribute”, and install the Distribute plugin by @mekkablue:

Relaunch Glyphs for the plugin to be loaded.

Hi Florian - thanks for the quick response.

However - I have this plugin and it’s not quite what I mean. This moves the whole shape, rather than distributing the anchors along the ‘edge’ they sit on within that shape. Does that make sense?


Maybe these tricks fit your need:

Ah okay cool, thanks for this. Will check them out and see which works best.

Thanks again

By anchors, do you mean path points? These would be referred to as nodes and handles. Anchors are something different in Glyphs.

Ah yes - sorry for the confusion. That’s what I mean - the blue / green nodes and handles.

In the mekkablue scripts, there is a Distribute Nodes script.

What do you want to align how, can you give an example? Path > Align Selection (Cmd-Shift-A) aligns selected nodes orthogonally.

Hold down Ctrl-Opt-Cmd, and the distances between nodes will appear as red numbers. (Tolerate a difference of 1 unit because of the integer grid.)

Perfect - distribute nodes seems to cover what I needed - and actually the shortcut is really useful - just getting all the numbers up for nodes and handles without having to click them each time. I didn’t know it existed - thanks for the info.

Can you give an example what you are trying to do?

Hi Georg - thanks appreciated - I think mostly covered. I guess the best example would be on a singular node and it’s handles where one handle may be 52px away and the other 50px away from the node and I wated them to be the same distance - but I now found I can control the handles better (simultaeneously and equidistantly) holding down ctrl + alt.