Anchors not attaching for rotated components

Hello, maybe this is intentional, I don’t know. I have a rather unconventional case where I want to use a glyph rotated 180° and attach a second component to it using a bottomright anchor.

This means I needed to add a bottomright anchor to the top left of my base glyph, so that it is positioned correctly when my component is rotated 180°.

However, this doesn’t work, the anchor is not recognised at all and my components don’t attach. It is like my base component didn’t have any anchors at all.

Any advice appreciated, thanks!

Hmm not sure. Maybe it’s more of a question if you can force alignment (depends on the glyph infos).

But you can check for all available anchors with GSLayer.anchorsTraversingComponents()

When a component is flipped, the anchor names are changed: vor vertical flips, bottom becomes top and top > bottom. And for horizontal flips, right becomes left …

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Ah, interesting! Thanks a lot. I wasn’t aware of this very smart feature, I was actually wishing for it and didn’t realise it was already present.