Anchors not working

Hi everyone, can you help me with this issue, please?

I’ve exported a font from FontLab, using the Glyphs Export macro. Now in Glyph I’m re-making the diacritics. I’ve try making anchors manually and didn’t worked. So, investigating, I’ve learned to make them by Cmd U, but they didn’t work, either.

am I missing something?

Glyphs version 2.2 (818)

Thank you!

Which glyph are you working on?

Glyphs version 2.2 (818)

No, on which letter are you trying to put anchors?

jajaja. Sorry.

On all of them.

The anchors are located well, but they don’t connect to each other.

Thank you.

I had the automatic alligning disable. Sorry.
Rookie mistake.

Thank You

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