Animated Zoom is not available in Glyphs?


Thanks for this great piece of software. It is amazing to work with. Will definitely purchase it later this month. I have an important workflow issue, though…

I am on Illustrator a lot (recently more on Glyphs :wink: ), working with a traditional setup (with a mouse) on a fast Macbook.

  1. See screenshot. In Illustrator I zoom a lot in and out by dragging my mouse (first pressing Z). Animated Zoom, it is called. It works very intuitive and smooth for me. I can imagine a lot of people use this way of navigating through their designs? In Glyphs I cannot get this to work. I get a square which reminds me of old fashioned Illustrator years and years ago. It really breaks my workflow and it is simply put, really frustrating. Of course there are workarounds but I am surprised this feature is not there. Or am I looking in the wrong places? There is a topic about it, but it is about a Wacom. This is about using a mouse :wink:
  2. And when I do not have I mouse available: zooming in with my fingers on the laptops trackpad goes very uncontrolled/fast. (When I really concentrate I can get it to work smoothly, so a scrolling speed option to reduce speed would be great!) Drives me crazy when zooming in and out while designing without a mouse. In Illustrator this works very smooth. :wink:

Especially interested in your ideas about the first question.

Thanks in advance and looking forward to hear from you.

Cheers from Amsterdam,


  1. You can hold down the Option key as you scroll. This will zoom in and out of the location at the cursor (no tool switching required).
  2. The next version (3.2) will have slower trackpad zooming. You can test the beta by selecting Show cutting edge versions in the Updates settings.

Thanks for the swift answer. That is already a step forward! Is there a way to reverse the scroll wheel? It is zooming out (scroll down) while I expect it to zoom in.

And can you/anyone else elaborate on my first question. This is still a workaround :wink:

Thanks again and cheers, Rolf

The direction of your scroll wheel depends on your system setting.

Thanks. I understand that. It is called Natural Scrolling in OS. I enabled it. When I scroll down in my browser it goes up now (!). That is not a workable solution, haha.

Any thoughts? A couple of user preference options, like scrollspeed, reverse scrolling and animated zoom (and a default for scrolling automatically with the mousewheel without holding option) would be very welcome. Such a great program like this deserves those user friendly options, in my opinion.

Curious what you think about those suggestions!

Cheers and keep up the good work.


There is the Scroll Reverser app (which I use) which reverses only some scrolling directions, but I’m not sure about zooming being tweakable separately. You’ll just need to get used to it.

Okay, thanks for the feedback. Appreciated you are trying to find a solution for me. It all feels a bit as a workaround to me. Did Illustrator spoil me with their zooming feature? :slight_smile:

Is there a way of program Glyphs (myself) to reverse the scrolling behaviour, only for the zoom feature? Than this could be a workaround that works. Illustrator is behaving the same way as Glyphs in this matter, but Lightburn (for lasercutting) is behaving reversed… (how I like it)… Inconsistent behaviour in multiple programs, ahhhh. :wink:

Animated Zoom/“DragZoom” feels so smooth and good to me. “Buttery good” as someone stated that in another topic on this forum. You just pull your work towards you. And away from you. Fluently… It is a big win, in my opinion. Did the developers considered this option for Glyphs? Is this something for the recommendations list?

Really looking forward on your thoughts on this one!



If you use a mouse like for example from Logitech, it uses a controller app, which you can use to program the buttons app-wise. There you can invert the scroll direction for the wheel only for a certain app. As a Glyphs specific setup I use the thumb wheel of the MX 3 to zoom (and the thumb buttons to click through masters).

I am not trying to advocate for Logitech, I find their Mice physically ergonomical, but their customer support seems quite slow and unresponsive. Luckily there are not too many issues I have with their stuff, so I can ignore that.

Getting back to the original topic.

  1. I have to say that I hate that zooming behavior in Adobe. I never know if I have to drag up or down or left and right. I find the Option+scroll or zoom tool drag a rect much more precise. And the option+scroll doesn’t need to switch to another tool.

How exactly is the “animating” zoom supposed to work?

  1. I never use the pinch zoom. Always Option+scroll (move two fingers up or down while holding the Option key).


Amazing idea. I am playing around in the Logi Options+ app now. Might even find a way to make that Animated Zoom work, haha. :wink:

Thank you very, very much!



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The animated zoom won’t work in Glyphs, but at least the scrolling direction should get you pretty far. No smooth zooming, though. Why would you want that? Is it just nice to have, or does it serve a concrete purpose?

Hi Georg,

Thanks for this reply also.

I personally have fallen for the very smooth way of zooming in and out the working area. Just press Z (it is under my left pinky) and drag your work towards and away from you. It works so well because you drag towards the point you are working on, I guess, and then you can move it away from you (just like older people who are holding a piece of paper to read it :wink: ) and you feel very connected to your work.

Again, it is personal preference, I guess. And I respect your workflow, of course!

Maybe looking for perfection here?

Is it hard to program/copy the pinch feature from the trackpad towards the mouse (in a plugin?), to create that AnimatedZoom? I am very enthusiastic about your software and also very curious how to make this work.



Have you tried holding Option and scrolling? Is this not what you are trying to achieve? This will not result in buttery smooth, quintic ease-in-ease-out zooming, but will allow you to zoom into the point that your cursor is currently on.

What’s more, your Option key is right below your left pinky.

Thank you again for the thinking. With your help it is easier now to work my way around in Glyphs. And get much more out of my Logitech mouse as well.

I have no other option for now to practice my left-pinky-downstairs-move, I guess! Might even shut down the Illustrator Animated Zoom to speed up the proces in Glyphs :wink:

Keep on dreaming about this buttery smooth Glyphs experience (and just start designing a typeface, haha).

Keep up the excellent work. Really nice to spend some euros on the license soon…

Cheers, Rolf