Animating glyphs to showcase a font

This has been asked before, with no clear answer. Can anyone confirm how the homepage animation for Glyphs has been made — theres another lovely little animation of the ‘Qz’ glyphs for Gestura on Sociotype’s website…

The are both .svg animation using Lottie which is why they are so lovely and crisp.

My question is — how were these generated prior to Lottie — in After Effects with the Body Movin’ plugin perhaps?

I have a distant memory of a specialist tool for demonstrating / animating glyphs, but cant remember what it was :slight_smile:

Any hints much appreciated!

thanks for your time

Hey! I guess it’s just a basic shape tween in after-effects.
I made some similar animations to my Instagram. :slight_smile:
But I like this font.

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From what I recall, the shapes themselves were interpolated in After Effects, the nodes and handles were added by hand (and then also simply interpolated).