Annotations make glyphs disappear

I was asked help with a Glyphs file where most (not all) glyphs disappeared from the font view albeit being present in the glyphs folder of the glyphspackage. I managed to track the issue to every glyph with annotations, which happened to be empty (the annotations, not the .glyph).

Running 3234, issue does not occur with 3226.

I got a report like that already. How did you added the Annotations? Where they there before already?

I do not know how the annotations were added.

I want to be clear – I was only asked help to figure out why the glyphs disappeared, I wasn’t editing the file, so I didn’t add the annotations, they were already there. I’m quite sure they were also in the original file, before any changes to it were made by the person who asked me for help figuring out why the glyphs vanished.

From what I can gather, timeline of events seems to be: get file from client (file has annotations) > edit & save file > open file the next day > glyphs vanished.

The person who asked me for help is also running 3234, so I’d say opening and editing an older version file with annotations in 3234 seems to run the risk of this bug.

The empty annotations make the file import process fail. Air produced an error but that was not shown. I fixed that. I don’t know how and why the invalid empty text property was written. I’ll investigate.