Another question about ẞ (Versal-ß > Germandbls):

I have understood that InDes/Adobe cannot yet implement the features (.calt snippet “Uppercase Sharp S”) correctly.
However, I am still looking for the right code to display the in SmallCaps when .calt is activated – even if only in Glyphs or other programmes.

I would like to define the following:
If .calt is activated, the ẞ should appear, for ALLCAPS as well as for SmallCaps.
If .calt is not activated, the ß is replaced by SS/ss.

Shouldn’t it be enough to insert the following line into the snippet “Uppercase Sharp S”:
sub @SmallCaps @SmallCaps germandbls’ by;

If I activate .c2sc everything is OK.
If I activate .smcp, the ß remains.
(.calt is always activated.)

Can you help me - or does the idea make no sense at all?

You don’t need to do this anymore. You can type ẞ on the latest keyboard layouts.

Does this mean that the whole ẞ-.calt feature is no longer necessary, or just the integration of a SmallCaps-ẞ function?
(Thanks for the tip above and the final “clarification”! :wink: )

Not sure I understand the question. In any event, you do not need any OpenType feature code for Germandbls anymore.

On the latest German keyboard layout, type Option-G, and you get: ẞ. Ta-daaa!

Does this work on windows as well?

AltGr + Shift + ß = ẞ

On touchscreen keyboards, you should be able to long-hold either ß or S to get ẞ.

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I was interested in an automatic conversion from ß to ẞ when .calt is activated, even with SmallCaps, as ß normally becomes SS/ss. (So regardless of the possibility of typing it.)

That’s in the tutorial. But automatic conversion to double S (by the shaper) may circumvent it.

Which brings us back to the initial problem:
If .calt is activated, the ß is set for ALLCAPS, but not for SmallCaps; it remains ss. (Even in Glyphs it doesn’t work.) I didn’t find a hint in the tutorial on how to include the SmallCaps, sorry! The picture shows the desired result.

In which app are you checking? If it is double s instead of sharp s, it is the shaping engine intervening and there’s nothing you can do. Or it is wrongly typed.

Other than that you need only, and Aßen will be converted by the OT feature (unless the shaper does a double s switch).

I’m testing it in Glyphs.

Sure, if I create a, it works, i.e. the ß is always replaced by a ẞ.

But I would like to have the option – via .calt – to choose between the consistent conversion as SS and the alternative conversion as ẞ – both with complete CAPS and with SmallCaps.

However, this does not work or I simply cannot find the correct line of code for the .calt, because
sub @SmallCaps @SmallCaps germandbls’ by;
does not lead to the intended result.

Don’t do this.

Just add a to your font and update the features. I don’t know for which scenario you would possibly need a contextual alternate like this, when small caps can only be accessed by activating the feature anyway.

You cannot outsmart the shaping engine with OT features. Perhaps you will achieve something in one environment but only by breaking your font. Don’t do this. Better write to the people who write the shaper that they allow the cap sharp s.

The option should not be controlled through an OT feature. It is the input method’s task.

OK, I’m saying goodbye to my idea of being able to choose (via .calt) between converting a ß as SS or ẞ – for AllCaps and SmallCaps applications.

Thank you very much for all the feedback!!!

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