Any change with Catalan Punt Volat?

Hi, Just wondering if there have been any issues with localised forms in the cutting edge version?
My automatically generated Catalan script seems to have stopped working.
The component glyphs are still in place, features code is up-to-date, Localized forms and Catalan both ticked in the OT features menu.

lookup locl_latn_2 {
	script latn;
	language CAT;
	sub l periodcentered' l by periodcentered.loclCAT;
	sub L periodcentered' L by;
} locl_latn_2;

Hi, Jamie. We’ve identified a problem recently that might be related, but it won’t be until the next update before we fix this. I’ll let you know when it’s ready so you can check if it solves your issue.

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Thanks @Grzegorz_Rolek I just upgraded to 3071, however the my code to swap periodcentered with a CAT specific period is still not working. Is this something you are still working on?

We got an intermediate fix that should make your font working, but it didn’t make it for the 3071 build, unfortunately. Please check with the next update. Your patience is much appreciated :slight_smile:

OK @Grzegorz_Rolek. Thank you. Good to know it’s on the way.

I think this is all fixed now. Thanks