Any Click on top menu bar keeps crashing Glyphs

on V. 877, 879 & V. 880
Mostly when trying to activate "Glyph Info"
Does anybody on this forum has the same problem?
I’m using Mac OS 10.9.5

That is a very strange bug in 10.9. I tried to fix it already. Press cmd+opt+M before you click the window menu. That should prevent the crash.

It made it worse; I cannot open Glyphs anymore;
I’ll email yo the Apple Crash report .

I hope that I fixed it. If you can’t update, here is a direct link:

Thanks for posting the link. My Build [879] as well as [880] Check for Updates wouldn’t recognize the respective updates, first to [880] then to [881].

[EDIT] Never mind; I just discovered that “Show Cutting Edge Versions” got turned off. My bad. :frowning:

Seems to be fixed for me in v881. Thank you.