Any suggestion for free variable font preview plugin?

Kindly drop the name if you name. Thanks.

Not plugins, but websites/apps:
Font Gauntlet:
Font Goggles:

The Variable Font Preview plugin by @Mark is absolutely worth its money, otherwise.

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Thanks for these great websites <3 ! I used a free plugin last week but got it uninstalled mistakenly . Now I can’t remember the name. Any ideas? I guess it was also from Mark and was in Github :frowning:

Variable Font Preview by Mark comes with a 30-day free fully functional trial.

Otherwise you maybe used my Interpolation Preview script. You can find it in the eweracs scripts available in the plugin manager. Then it’s under Drawing > Interpolation Preview

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It wasn’t yours but I loved your script now :heart_hands: Great script

I think it is strange that this is not a built-in functionality of Glyphs. In Glyphs 2, at least one could specify the instance preview, now there is zero functionality for live-previewing left. The preview bar does not live-update when I edit the instances/exports. I am not thinking about anything fancy, the most basic interpolation preview would do. Unrelated to variable fonts, btw. Even FontLab 3 had a preview slider 25 years ago.


The instance preview in the preview view is still there? Or what else do you mean? And the text preview window can preview instances, too.

The instance preview does not live-update, as I said. [Edit: it does not live-update changed instance co-ordinates, to be clear.]

In Glyphs 2, in the Font Info window, Instance tab, you have a (very rudimentary) possibility to live-preview interpolations as you change the co-ordinates of the instance.