Apostrophes: How to make quoteright appear as an apostrophe

When I use my typeface in InDesign/Word etc and type an apostrophe the single quote glyph is used (which is a straight quote mark). Is there a way to make sure the apostrophe appears as quoteright instead (i.e. typographers quotes) - and by not changing the preferences of the program as need to give this to a client as well? I still need the straight single and double quotes for inches and feet, so don’t want to lose them?

I strongly recommend against finding a seemingly smart solution in the font. Chances that it will break functionality in some languages are too high, and it is also not expected of a font. It is the user’s responsibility to have the settings right or perhaps (intentionally) wrong.

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Hello mekkablue thanks for you help. I have since discovered that Typographer’s Quotes were not turned on in this one particular document so it actually works fine! Silly me for not checking - but thank you, you are absolutely right!