‘App is Damaged and Can’t be Opened’ error

I’m still getting the ‘damaged and can’t be opened’ error with the cutting edge beta. This is getting quite inconvenient.

Where do you place the app? What system version? Can you zip the app and send it to me?

FWIW I’m also getting the “invalid or damaged” message fairly regularly. I just keep one copy of Glyphs.app in /Applications/. It’s possible that it only started since the High Sierra upgrade.

Do you have something like Mackeeper or MacCleaner installed?

I also have the same problem with 2.5 in High Sietra. Some days later after installing 2.5, it shows the same message. Then I downgrade to 2.4 and have no problem.

As your mention, I have installed MacCleaner. Do I have to remove MacCleaner?

Be careful of this.

After updating the SyncSelection plugin I had continuous crashes today;
I had to uninstall it so Glyphsapp works now fine.

MacCleaner has a function that interferes with the contents of applications installed on your system. If you do that, their checksums will be altered, and therefore some applications will not be able to start anymore.

MacCleaner has an option to exclude certain applications from being altered, either use this, or simply stop using MacCleaner. My impression is that it does not do anything useful that is not already done by the system anyway.

Thanks, I’ll take care of it.

Aha. I think this is my problem too. CleanMyMac removes localizations from languages you don’t use. This would change the checksum of the package.

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