Application of Rounded Corners via Customer Parameter (Not doing quite what I hoped)

Hello there,

I wanted to apply Rounded Corners via Custom Parameters and have it work in the same way as if I had selected the nodes manually – this is because if apply RoundCorners via two customer parameters, one for the convex and one for concave corners, then Glyphs doesn’t seem to be able to calculate these properly if the value entered is half (or near to half) of the distance between two adjacent points.

If I apply it directly with Filter > Round Corners then it calculates all curves smoothly, but if I attempt to apply the same effect through two Custom Parameters then the shapes generated are wonky.

Attaching the image below which I hope should clear things up.

The version on the left is generated via an instance, the version on the right is applied directly.

Here is the custom parameter code I am using:

    Filter = "RoundCorner;-10;1;";
    Filter = "RoundCorner;10;1;";
    PreFilter = "OffsetCurve;1;1;";

Thanks for your time,


I’ll have a look.

Amazing, thanks Georg!