Apply strokes to all glyphs

Hi, since I’m new to G3, I want to apply strokes to all the glyphs I’ve made at once. Can anyone help me with that? Thanks in advance :smiley:


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For that I would use a script. In the mekkablue scripts (available in Window > Plugin Manager > Scripts), there is one called Paths > Batch-Set Path Attributes.

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Thanks! it worked, but how to make the outline turn inside the path?

I do not understand what you mean. Can you post a screenshot of an outline turning inside the path?

My bad, I mean align stoke to inside the shape like this


@thisisabayy, did you figure this out?

I would also appreciate a feature in G3 where you could batch apply a stroke to either a selection of glyphs or a whole master.

Being able to keep the live, non-destructive stroke with end caps and and stroke alignment options that has been introduced in G3 would be really useful.

@mekkablue, I also found your batch-set-path script but as @thisisabayy said above, there’s no option to set the stroke alignment. This option is destructive, but I would take it right now if it had a stroke alignment option. I tried to script it myself but it’s a bit beyond my python skills.

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Can add that to the script.

Update is up:

Will turn Line Cap into a popup menu soon as well.



I am looking for the same feature and found this post. I found the Scripts in Plugin Manager, but how do I pull that up? How to use the Batch-Set Path attributes?

I restarted Glyphs to download but options for Python is not showing

Did you install the Python Module from Plugin Manager > Modules, along with all the other Modules?

I did these before clicking on Script > Install and reran the App, but it didn’t change

After restarting Glyphs, the Python Runtime Module for Glyphs should have been available to select in Preferences. Since it didn’t, someone from Support will have to help on this.

Installing the python module may take some time. Can you remove it, then reinstall. But wait a minute to let it finish.

Hi @mekkablue – I’m trying to use your Batch-Set Path Attributes on a hollowed font and a macro window pops up saying:

Batch-Set Path Attributes Report for Arial HC

Batch-Set Path Attributes Error: '__NSCFNumber' object has no attribute 'split'
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "Batch-Set Path", line 325, in BatchSetPathAttributesMain
    lineCaps = self.pref("lineCaps").split(",")
  File "", line 32, in __getattr__
    return getattr(self.__pyobjc_object__, attr)
AttributeError: '__NSCFNumber' object has no attribute 'split'

I’m wondering if there’s a problem with the font I’m trying to edit? If this doesn’t work, could you let me know if there’s a way to batch-hollow out / outline a font?

I’ll have a look. In the meantime, make sure you have the latest version. (Uninstall and reinstall mekkablue scripts in Window > Plugin Manager.)

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Hello. I have newest version of your scripts and Glyphs. And still have same error.

I’ll have a look.

Update: should be fixed now.

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Hello! I have Glyphs up to date 3.1.2 and I cannot find this script via the plug-in Manager window.

It is in the mekkablue script collection.