Apply strokes to all glyphs

Hi, since I’m new to G3, I want to apply strokes to all the glyphs I’ve made at once. Can anyone help me with that? Thanks in advance :smiley:


For that I would use a script. In the mekkablue scripts (available in Window > Plugin Manager > Scripts), there is one called Paths > Batch-Set Path Attributes.

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Thanks! it worked, but how to make the outline turn inside the path?

I do not understand what you mean. Can you post a screenshot of an outline turning inside the path?

My bad, I mean align stoke to inside the shape like this


@thisisabayy, did you figure this out?

I would also appreciate a feature in G3 where you could batch apply a stroke to either a selection of glyphs or a whole master.

Being able to keep the live, non-destructive stroke with end caps and and stroke alignment options that has been introduced in G3 would be really useful.

@mekkablue, I also found your batch-set-path script but as @thisisabayy said above, there’s no option to set the stroke alignment. This option is destructive, but I would take it right now if it had a stroke alignment option. I tried to script it myself but it’s a bit beyond my python skills.

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Can add that to the script.

Update is up:

Will turn Line Cap into a popup menu soon as well.