Applying a Transformation globally

This may have been covered, but could someone clarify:
If I want to apply a transformation using the cog and then pasting it as a “custom parameter”, I have three options as to where I paste it: Font, Master or Instance. Logically, Font applies it to the whole font, Master just to the Master, and Instance just to the Instance. But… I am attempting to open up a font’s spacing globally by a specific amount, and pasting a Metrics transformations into the “Font” custom parameter has no result. Do I have to paste it into each Instance? Or each Master? Are there some transformations/filters that will work in some places (ie Font or Master or Instance) and not others, and some logic that governs this? Also, are these filters applied before or after the font has had the overlaps removed and the components decomposed - or does this again depend on where one pastes the filter? Tried exporting with several different configurations, but can’t seem to get a handle on what works where, and how and why. Thanks.

The filters are only supported on instances.

Thanks for the fast reply, Georg. Would be useful to have it supported at the Master and Font level too. Save pasting the same thing into 32 instances, and adjusting it 32 times on each export. (Also, as each Custom Parameter field looks identical, this is a logical assumption.)

Reason I ask if it’s applied before or after the glyphs are decomposed is to avoid multiple applications of the same filter. (This happens for example on the Rimmer filter).

There is a PreFilter option. That is applied before decomposition, but you might need it after.

Can you send me a sample file (remove most glyphs) that shows the problem with the Rimmer filter?

This is what I’m attempting to avoid - repeated applications of the filter (here applied in the Font menu)