Arabic connecting letters space bugg

Hello Guys
i noticed this issue

why there is spacing between some of the letters on some weights and not in others
while all anchors are in place 100%

you can also see the letter is overlapping on the black weight and spacing on the extra light
talking about u-FEF2

Could you send us the file?

Here you go

Can you send me the text you used to in the screenshot?

And you need to draw some overlap for each connection. You could add a cap component, or just add a node in the middle of the connection and move it out be 20 units.

And you don’t need to add exit and entry anchors as you don’t have a slanted baseline. It is much easier to control spacing with the side bearings.


Thank you Georg for your feedback
The word is السيسي i thought i need these entry exit anchors
you think that the node thing will solve the spacing issue?

I don’t think you need the exit/entry anchors. They are even the problem in this case. As the anchor is outside if the bounding box, it creates the gap. In any case, don’t put anchors in glyphs what are build from only from components. Glyphs will look into the component glyphs for the anchors.

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ok will do that and try to draw some overlap, test it and update you

I just deleted all exit and entry anchor and the font works fine. Still the tiny white lines because of the missing overlaps.

And i just tested the method you recommended and after trying i needed also to take out the two anchors of the base line out by 10 units
because a tiny space was still there in one of the interpolated weights

btw this issue was only in the interpolated weights not the two masters i draw my self