Arabic diacritics looking weird


Even though I placed the anchor points and have the diacritics with 0 width they never look good in words that have more than one diacritic (on top of each other) on the same character.

What am I doing wrong?

Sorry if this was already covered but I didn’t find a solution to this in the forum or tutorials.

You do not need to zero-width your diacritics. That happens automatically at export. In which app are you checking?

Can you post a screenshot of your anchors?

Oh ok. The screenshot above was directly from the Glyphs app. Maybe that’s why?

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If you want to preview mark attachment, use the Mark Preview plugin. (Plain-vanilla Glyphs previews mark attachment only with the mark cloud.)

Thanks Rainer!

Maybe you got your diacritics stacked the other way?

Doesn’t look like it. The Mark Preview plugin helps. Only thing is that it really slows my computer down.

The screen shot does not show Anchors names;
there might be either mixing of naming between (_top) and (top) or the typesetting order by the software you’re using.
this can be instantly verified by the shaddaAlefabove-ar combined mark glyphs if you have it in your file.
But if you’re building up the U+FDF2 Allah glyph … and that specific mark case is showing there… then you probably need to check the basic structure … as the anchors of lam-ar.medi determines other marks positioning.

Thank you Avantino!