Arabic Features


I have two questions please:

  • where can I see / edit the font features that control the ligatures, it seems that there is a built in script related to the ligatures, because for example when I design a glyph inside the ligature “feh_yeh-ar” and export the font, it automatically works as a substitution for “feh-ar.init and yeh-ar.fina”, which is great, but I need to see the script, where this is happening in order to change if I wanted.

  • If I want to create my custom glyph (ligature) to substitute a glyph composition, how should I name it, and where and how should I script the sub rules? is it inside the font info/features panel?


File > Font Info > Features

Especially for ligatures, I recommend to stick to a specific naming scheme, and Glyphs can automate the feature code for you, e.g., lam_lam-ar. Read this tutorial about glyph names, please.

Thanks, the link for creating and naming custom glyphs is really useful.

But as for the hidden features, I went to “Font Info > Features” and its totally empty, even the “generate feature automatically” is off, and when I test the font it still creating the substitution for “feh-ar.init and yeh-ar.fina”, any idea.

Thanks again

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You have to click the update button in the lower left in the feature dialog.

Thanks for the prompt answer George,

I can see the features now, great help, and sorry for the silly questions.

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Look in the Tutorials for ‘OpenType features’, ‘Arabic’, etc. There is plenty of documentation there.