Arabic Font Testing Script

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I know that Arabic type design resources are way less than Latin ones, but does anyone came across a “Font Testing” script for Arabic, most importantly to test the kerning for major pairs, I"ve seen a lot of amazing ones for Latin, even I found this website where u can instantly test the font online.

I would really appreciate if someone shares at least an Arabic testing script if there is any.

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Two options:

  1. Write your own.
  2. Contribute to existing ones. In this case, I believe Pablo will be happy to receive your input on GitHub.

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Hi there,

Does this website still work?

You can try the mekkablue script Test > Webfont Test HTML. It can toggle writing directions with Ctrl-J.

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Thanks Rainer!

Just learned that Abraham Lee set up a mirror of Pablo’s font testing page:

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I still wondering … How to test my arabic font

Use the position clicker script for testing connections. And, like for any writing system, set sample words in all apps that matter for you. For web browsers, try the HTML script mentioned above.

I’ve collected links to several mirrors of Pablo’s testing site and posted them at:

I’ve also listed a number of other drag-and-drop font testers, and some them have Arabic sample text, but most are just short snippets of text. I haven’t found any that are very extensive for thoroughly testing an Arabic typeface.

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this is good(like impallari’s testing page, just drag and drop your font to the top of page):

you can make a custom html page for yourself from rewriting several elements and adding your custom texts(it’s easier than it sounds), for example, this is my testing page:

save and customize it for yourself.