Arabic font works well in INDESIGN but doesn't in WORD

It’s an OTF file, and somehow, when I write in WORD the letters aren’t joined together as they should be.
in INDESIGN it works perfectly!
Any ideas?
Thanks :slight_smile:

Did you add Opentype features (Font Info > Features > Update). Indesign works without them.

I’ll try, thanks :slight_smile:

I will add that if your spacing is based on kerns, in Word it must be manually activated. It is off by default.


Did you mean adding Opentype features (Font Info > Features > Update) in Glyphs? or is there something I need to do inside Word?
I tried adding Opentype features, but the font still doesn’t connect…

I mean inside Glyphs. And then you need to read this:


In Word set kerning here: Font > Advanced > Kerning for fonts: