Arabic language script

Hi all,
How can I get Arabic script folder?
Thank you in advance

What do you mean?

I ask about mekkablue Arabic script folder ?

I don’t find this folder on GitHub repo.

Which script are you looking for? Some scripts are moved into my GitHub gists, some are moved to different subfolders.

Iam looking for a mekkablue-Arabic script or help me to find the best Arabic script to solve or understand Opentype features on Arabic Typeface design.

You don’t need a special Python script to create or understand OT features.

You have to learn OT from guides on and websites
Anyway here is a good guide on how to write OT code

However if you arrange arabic characters (Glyphs) each in its default Glyphsapp indexing, you can generate OT features with a click thanks to embedded features of Glyphsapp

There is more info regarding arabic typography online if you choose a good search keywords.